Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tool 11

One of my favorite tools was our 2nd tool, the Voki!! I think its hilarious! I think the kids will love making one and it will help them to work on typing and spelling skills! Even if the Voki just read off their spelling words, it would be a fun way to practice. I think it is going to be a lot easier and more fun than I first expected. There are so many things to do that promote learning and now we have new, fun resources! I am picturing my kids using the technology as much as possible! I would be great to peak in the window and see them using technology, hearing them talking about the concept and learning! Fingers crossed!! I think there will be a lot of changes but they will be good changes and the kids will grow and learn! I think that some of the tools and websites we visited were geared to older kids and it may be hard for first graders to do some, but there were also many great resources that my kids can use.

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  1. Your Voki sure is cute! Are you going to create another blog for your classroom and embed the Vokis there? Some of the sites are geared towards older, but there were many that I think your first graders can do - especially several of those in Tool 9! Have fun and we look forward to learning how the devices and the new tools transform some of the learning in your classroom!