Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tool 10!!!!

Tool 10! Yay! we go!
I think it is important that my kids understand the magnitude of the internet! I am not sure that they fully understand how many people can access information on the internet. And at 6 years old, thats a big thing to understand. Thats why I feel like it is important for kids to constantly hear and be taught how to be a good digital citizen. Just like they know to "never talk to strangers", they need to know what is acceptable use for technology. The three things I want them to understand are; 1. How to stay safe 2. that what you read/learn/watch may not always be correct 3. that the internet can be an amazing resource if you use it correctly. I plan to use Brainpop Jr. to help teach my class about Digital Citizenship. My class LOVES brainpop and I think it will be an easy way for them to understand good digital citizenship. I plan to share the idea of digital citizenship with my parents by using, what else...but my blog! My classroom parents love reading our class blog and I know they check it often. I think it will be a great way for them to understand what we are doing in the classroom and I can post links or videos of our class talking about the new technology and how they are great digital citizens!

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