Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tool 6

I have made a wall wisher. I think I could use this in my classroom to really teach typing skills. Since my first graders are still getting use to the computer and skills to use it, I think this would be something easy for them to do. They don't have to log in or sign up...the can go to the link and then use a sticky note to write somethings.

You can visit my Wall Wisher here

The other tool I explored was Skype. I didn't know what to link on here, but I did make an account. Today my team and I were planning and were talking about using Skype when we learn about our countries in January. That would be so fun to Skype with someone in Egypt!!


  1. I think Skyping with schools in other countries would be a FANTASTIC way to communicate! perfect idea! Let's try to figure out how we can do this! I wonder if Vasek has any connections! Onward to #7... you're on the downward slope now!!!

  2. One of my previous students now lives in Eygpt! His father was the ambassador from Eygpt to Venezuela when I was teaching at the International School. I taught him in kindergarten, he's a fourth grader now. He sends me messages all the time on facebook - I can ask him if he'd like to skype with your class. I'm sure he'd love to.

  3. WOW! A classroom connection in Egypt already! Isn't it great to have a blog and have another person read it and come up with a resource for you! That is what a PLN is all about! Today's Meet would be easy as well for your little ones!