Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tool #3- Embedding Videos

    I have always wondered about copyright laws and its good to know that teachers can use these resources safely when teaching. I like using Discovery Education a lot...and I use Youtube when I know what the video is and that its safe to show. I feel comfortable searching for something on Discovery Education and playing it instantly. With Youtube, I always preview it before because you never know what might pop up in the middle of the video!!
    I use this video almost every day with my class as a math warm up! We get up and dance to it so it also allows them to get some movement out!! Its bright and colorful and they love it!
    If you have ever been in my classroom on a Friday afternoon, you may have seen my class doing the Tooty Ta to celebrate TGIF!! They LOVE this and I must say that I do too!

    Dropbox is an easy way to save pictures and files and helps keep everything in one spot!


    1. Marlo,
      I love Tooty Ta and so do my students. I use it often to get the wiggles out! I have the music in English and Spanish so now I will be able to use it on the Activboard. When I get to tool #3 I am going to attempt to put it on my blog. I am a little behind on 11 tools right now but trying to catch up.

    2. Marlo,
      You are too cute for words! I LOVE this! Do you think fifth graders would like this? I am going to have to see if they do... I like the idea of a TGIF celebration! I really appreciate the way you bring fun and laughter into your classroom! I would love to be one of your first graders! ;)

    3. Hi, Marlo!
      I enjoyed reading your blog. I am the the media specialist at Buffalo Creek and I am browsing blogs! Thanks for sharing yours! Your classroom sounds like fun and exciting place to learn.

    4. Hey Marlo! I think this is a great idea!